So, Apple has apparently ended development of iWeb and will be discontinuing website hosting through MobileMe as part of the move to iCloud.  You can ignore the last sentence if you don't follow the movements of Apple like some techno-business soap opera.  What it means is that if I was going to maintain a personal website I had to find new software and a new host.  

Why bother? Because while Facebook has its uses, it's often annoying and it does not allow customized communication and certainly not communication of any substance and length.  It's aimed at a attention span of no more than a few hundred characters and therefore tends toward emphasis on the trivial.  Not that there isn't some value in that mass of short notes, it just doesn't support communication outside of the Facebook format.

Who is Warren Liebold?

Oh, just another person with enough money for a web hosting subscription.  When I was younger I wouldn't talk about myself with any ease but as I get older I find some need to justify this crazy trip so it's likely that over the weeks this autobiographical section will expand in size.  Significantly.  For the moment let's just say that I am a 58-year-old civil servant in New York City who started life intending to be a marine biologist, have taken several forks in the road and have gone from being a part-time environmental activist of some note to an environmental program project manager of some note.  More later.

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